For anyone interested in the Korean war… 71: Into the Fire

This is an interesting film based on a letter from a South Korean student soldiers during the Korean War 25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953. The film chronicles their terrifying experience of having to stand up to the invading North Korean masses in a David and Goliath struggle.  Their task was to defend the strategically important Pohang while the rest of the South Korean army and UN coalition defended the Nakdong River area. This is not a glorified film ‘300’ which saw 300 Spartan warriors fight the full might of the Persian army; rather it is a group of rag tag students with little military experience being told to hold their ground against a fanatical, enemy.

Note it is Korean with English subtitles.

Please post your thoughts, comments and further reading. Or if you have any essays or articles related to the subject please send them in. Thanks!


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