Welcome the new blog from the undergraduates of the War Studies BA at the University of Birmingham.

We hope to raise the online profile of the course by providing interesting content relating to the course and warfare more broadly.

This is an ongoing project, but we hope the content will be useful both students and the public who are interested in the study of war.
We encourage contributions from anyone and everyone, the more the better! War Studies covers a diverse range of topics so feel free to add something obscure and unconventional.
Over the coming weeks we will be adding new sections that we feel are relevant and appropriate.

In the mean time here is a video about the BA course at Birmingham.

Suggestions are welcome.

The sections are currently as follows


Any books or films that people want to recommend (or criticize!). Contributions welcome from everyone… email me your idea and it will be posted and attributed to you.

The Home Front

Any content specifically relating to Great Britain

Dissertation topics

This section is to help students come up with ideas for their dissertation. Coming up with an idea for a dissertation can be a long, frustrating and arduous process. One way this can be made easier is by seeing what other students have, thought about or are doing. Therefore, we encourage anyone and everyone to add details of dissertation ideas that they have done so that future students can have a useful resource. Furthermore, if you want to post your dissertation on to the blog then we will aim to do this as well (so long as they are of a reasonable standard!)

From the web

This page hopes to bring relevant articles from around the web. If you have a page that you think should be on the page please let us know.


For now this will be for any articles relating to international relations and warfare. If there is enough interest in a specific topic we will consider providing a specific page… If you have a specific area of interest then let us know and we will see what we can do!


News and our views on current affairs

On Strategy

This will provide key content relating to strategy, it will aim to provide this in a clear manner that is also relevant to the Birmingham War Studies degree.

Thanks for reading hopefully this will be a success!

Xander (2nd year undergrad)


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